Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sermon for 8/25/13 Hebrews 12

In Isaiah 66 we read that God is recreating the heavens and the earth.
 He is making everything new
 The old will pass away
 All will acknowledge Him.
Does this fill us with confidence? Just what kind of God is he?
 consuming fire
 glory before which none can stand
 too holy to look upon evil
In Luke 13 Jesus tells us that some will be shut out of his kingdom.
 strive to enter
 difficult to gain a position in God’s kingdom
 even the recognition and association we think we have will fail
   but what about all those things I’ve done?
 we may be cast out - beware - salvation is not from our good deeds, our life, our righteousness
We need to bring ourselves to Hebrews 12.
As Jesus told us in Luke - yes, strive to enter by the narrow path.
But . . .
 our hands hang down
 our knees are weak
 our arms are tired
 my brain hurts
 we strive against sin and it wins
 we tried to be better
 we tried to live a joyful life
 we tried to be victorious
 we tried that positive confession
Again and again it has failed us. We try and try only to find ourselves as moralists and legalists. We don’t value what God values, we see his perfection and are confronted by it.
 blazing fire
 a trumpet
 a voice which paralyzes us with fear
 even to approach the mountain of God’s holiness brings death
 terrifying even to Moses.
Do we want to see God in his glory? Lord, deliver us from that.
But we have not come to Mount Sinai. We have come to Mount Zion.
The Law came through Moses, but grace and peace came through Jesus.
 the city of God
 heavenly Jerusalem
 our home
 angels gathered for a festival, not for battle
 assembly of those called by Jesus’ name - those whose names are written in heaven
 God acting as the judge of his enemies, treating us as his dear children
 we find ourselves made perfect
 this perfection through Jesus
    new covenant
    sprinkled blood
Welcome to Zion! We are not in Sinai any more.

 Jesus present for us, bringing us all the life we can ever need.

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