Monday, October 7, 2013


I used to have frequent migraine headaches. For those readers who don't suffer from something like a migraine, let's just say it's a life-changing experience. When it happens, the world shuts down. In my case, I would go through a time of vague disorientation. Pain would then clamp down on my head and often my whole body. After the pain let go I wouldn't remember much at all of what had happened before the headache and virtually nothing from the time during the headache. During the course of over 20 years suffering from these regularly, frequently multiple times in a week, I learned to cope and push on with what needed to do. After a migraine I'd spend a couple of days recovering before I felt normal again. This is not unlike a lot of suffering endured by many people.

In recent months, due to some lifestyle and dietary changes I've had headaches less often. I no longer really think of myself as a migraine sufferer, as they are more like six weeks to two months apart. Life is much more productive and predictable.

Yesterday, after a very busy period, I came down with a headache. I was able to get through the pain relatively quickly. Then today was a very full day. I'm amazed at how tired I feel now. The aftermath is still there. What's really incredible, though, is to think that for all those years I probably felt like this day after day after day.

Many of the people we meet on a daily basis deal with chronic pain, fatigue, and other difficulties which may not show on the surface. How many of them feel like this? A good number, especially of those I deal with frequently. What kind of mercy does our Savior have for us when we are feeling our mortality? He is acquainted with sufferings. He bears our sorrows. He has suffered more than any one of us, for he completed the suffering for the whole world. May the Lord grant me compassion for those who are hurting or who are tired of hurting.

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