Monday, October 21, 2013

Sermon from 10/20/13 Funeral of M. St. Germain

God of all
mighty Lord
High and lifted up – tremendous in power and majesty
Do we really want to face that God? He's the one we have. And we all know the line from the old Western movies. Before shooting someone, the presumptive victor says, “Say your prayers, you varmint!”
And we go through life, day after day, week after week, year after year.
  Better say your prayers! No telling when that last day will come. Get ready to meet God!
Fearful thing?
Very fearful except for one thing.
God in his grace and mercy has given us favor.
In Jesus there is forgiveness.
We face God unafraid, clothed in the righteousness of Christ.
  not our own works
  not our own goodness
  not our resources, smarts, family
  Jesus alone.
This passage from Isaiah chapter 40 always makes me think of a conversation I had with Marylyn.
   worried about presenting self to Go
   not sure ready to stand for judgment
   not sure deserved to live
   What is God's word? You are my beloved child. I look upon you and see Jesus, God the Son. You are forgiven. You have been cleansed. you are released from your sin. You no longer bear it. You have received a double portion of My grace and mercy in exchange for all your sin and shame.

In this way we meet the Lord of all. It is not about our goodness. It is not about the life we live. It is not about anything of ours. It is all about Jesus and his mercy upon us.

So what will we do? Just as our sister Marylyn is doing. We too lay down our burdens, trusting that Jesus has shown favor upon us. We do what our hand finds to do, for his glory and for the relief of those he brings us in contact with. But finally we do just what she is doing now. We rest in Jesus' care for us. We can do no other. Nothing of our own self will do. Salvation is of the Lord. He is the lord of all, the king of majesty.

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