Monday, October 21, 2013

The Christocentric Principle

Chapter 5 “The Christocentric Principle” pp. 93-114

Braaten asserts the goal of the Church as proclamation of God’s salvation. This salvation is found in Jesus. But how has the Church defined salvation? How does our soteriology work Our theology is all ultimately built on our view of salvation and Christ the savior. This is a matter of importance in any version of any religion. Braaten spends a good deal of time distinguishing between social change views such as liberation theology and a biblical Christianity, observing that in the absence of Christ we are left with only ourselves and our society, hardly a source of hope.

Braaten eventually starts dealing with the idea of universalism. He reaches a conclusion that the Bible describes Jesus as saving everyone, but not exactly explaining how. He asserts that the passages which warn against unbelief are addressed to the faithful so do not apply to those outside of the Christian faith.

While Braaten presents a convincing argument for the centrality of Christ, he is disappointing in his rejection of biblical claims for the exclusivity of salvation by faith in Jesus.

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