Friday, October 18, 2013

The Dynamics of Faith

Chapter 5 “The Dynamic of Faith” pp. 101-128

Kolb and Arand begin this chapter by dealing with the allegation that Lutherans are weak on sanctification. On the contrary, Lutherans have always stressed God’s demands that Christians bear fruit of righteousness. Being partakers of passive righteousness, i.e., that righteousness given us by God, does not negate our responsibility for active righteousness, i.e., that care we give to our world. This is where faith enters in. By faith in Christ we are given new life. This life of faith recognizes that our world is God’s creation, a creation for which He cares. Because of that relationship with the world, faith embraces everyday life. It is not inconsistent with faith to spend one’s life caring for God’s creation, especially the people, places, and events which are closest to us. Since we live in the created order in this way we end up living out God’s design for our fellow man. This has a positive impact on our society. But at the same time, it is no longer our responsibility to save the world. This is what God does. We simply do what is in our power. Thus, by faith, while we do not do God’s work, including saving us, we care for our world, engaging in good works to love our neighbor. Embracing passive righteousness and active righteousness frees us up to act in faith.

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