Thursday, January 1, 2015

Walther, 1906. Chapter 29 “The Pastoral Care of the Youth”

Chapter 29 “The Pastoral Care of the Youth” (pp. 191-194)

Walther emphasizes the pastor’s responsibility to guide young confirmed people, urging them to report for confession, communion, and other services of the Church. Young people should be urged to holy living and to avoid situations which could lead them to temptation.

On p. 191 he describes the habit of a “church examination” in which, after the service but before the departure, those in front would answer a number of questions about the catechism.

The pastor is to “seek to learn how those he has confirmed are doing and to follow up with them” (p. 192). This is especially necessary if young people are tempted to withdraw from the chuch. The emphasis is always on providing care for young people within the context of the church.

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