Friday, January 9, 2015

Walther, 1906. Chapter 35, “The Welfare of the Congregational Needy”

Chapter 35, “The Welfare of the Congregational Needy” (pp. 218-222)

Walther reminds us of the need for care in physical needs. There are always those among us who are poor, sick, and needy. He observes that the secret societies of his day were doing a great deal for the needy, often taking the place of the church. The Bible says (1 Thess. 4:11-12) that Christians should avoid dependence on those outside the Church. Walther also rejects the dependence of the church on governmental relief organizations (p. 219). In a nation without a state church the congregations need to care for their poor.

Walther cites Luther and Gerhard confirming that care for the poor is specifically part of pastoral concern (p. 221). All this care for the poor will require some oversight and accountability. This is something the pastor should follow adequately to be certain the poor in the congregation are not neglected.

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