Friday, January 30, 2015

Walther, 1906. Chapter 50, “The Decision About a Call”

Chapter 50, “The Decision About a Call” (pp. 274-280)

Should a pastor be willing to leave a congregation for another call? Walther advises against a pastor seeking another call for a higher salary or because of conflict in the current situation. Good reasons include seeing a benefit to the whole church through the pastor’s ability to use his gifts.

The pastor is not bound forever to his first call but should also not be in a hurry to leave. Walther cites Luther in encouraging pastors to stay in calls where there is opposition until they overcome the opposition or are forced out. In cases of particular persecution the pastor should stay but if there is a general persecution the whole church may flee (p. 276). A pastor should never accept a call to a congregation where the former pastor was unjustly forced out (p. 277).

The pastor, as servant of the church, treats the services of the church as first priority, filling his own pulpit regularly. It is hard work, but the pastor perseveres (p. 279). Walther does not consider that a pastor will simply retire, but may step aside when health no longer permits the rigor of the office.

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