Friday, January 16, 2015

Walther, 1906. Chapter 40, “The Order of Fraternal Discipline”

Chapter 40, “The Order of Fraternal Discipline” (pp. 238-243)

Fraternal discipline as Walther defines it is “the order of brotherly admonition prescribed byChrist in Matt. 18:15-17” (p. 238). This is a very important element of life in Christ. The steps of one believer correcting another and urging to repentance are all aimed at restoration, not exclusion. It is only when they fail that someone moves to excommunication.

In cases of public offense which is known to all, Walther observes (p. 240) that it is not necessary to seek private correction This is the example of Galatians 2:13-14 where Paul publicly rebuked Peter for sin committed publicly.

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