Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chapter 1 “Sunday Morning: Evaluating and Planning the Service

Chapter 1 “Sunday Morning: Evaluating and Planning the Service” pp. 13-25

The Sunday morning church service is the time and place where the most obvious and ongoing ministry in the congregation takes place. It is the pastor’s responsibility to treat this as a very valuable opportunity. Willimon suggests the pastor consider how every element of worship contributes. When innovation is necessary it should be coherent and accepted by most of the congregation. Some of this coherence can be established by basing work on the framework of the church calendar and Scripture selections from a lectionary. Care should also be given to the worship space, creation of opportunities to build friendships, and making the worship accessible to the congregation. As the congregation is able to enter into the singing, prayers, preaching and fellowship in an active way, more of the worshipers will receive God’s grace and retain what is being taught.

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