Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sermon for 11/10/13 Luke 10

Sermon for 11/10/13 Come on down, Zach

Today was the 50th anniversary of our church congregation's existence. They first met in the local public library on Sunday, November 10, Martin Luther's birthday. The church was formed after a congregation where many had attended in a nearby community was closing. They moved here, to the big city.

We had two of our former pastors participating in the service today. Over 30 years of the 50 year history was represented by the pastors present. We followed the divine service with a good time of fellowship over a dinner. Full house, with only a few open seats in the building.

I didn't preach as I normally do. But later in the day I did conduct my regular service at a local retirement community, with a congregation of 12. This is my sermon from that location. My brief, sketchy, hand-jotted outline that I had on my sheet of paper actually had very little relationship to the sermon which I ended  up preaching, so I'll spare you that piece of confusing serialization.

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