Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"The Two Servants of Jahweh"

Chapter 4 “The Two Servants of Jahweh” pp. 29-33

Isaiah 41:21-26, 28-29
The gods of the nations are called to decide who is the true God. Jahweh is the true God of history.

History cries out today in a disturbing way. Yet the rulers of nations no not agree on the right future. There are no prophets of hope, only doom.

The darkness of our world is due to our failure to inquire of the true God. Instead, we look to the gods of our nations, our rulers.

The true God, Jahweh, is the God of all, over all history and culture. The people of Israel fall because they try to transform God into another national ruler.

It is the people who trust God through oppression and persecution who are God’s servants, not rulers who depend on statecraft.

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