Friday, November 22, 2013

"The Paradox of the Beatitudes"

Chapter 3 “The Paradox of the Beatitudes” pp. 24-28
Luke 6:20-26
Jesus’ statements are very hard to express in our own words. They have many levels of meaning. Jesus has just given four beatitudes and four woes. People can expect the opposite of their condition.
1) What is promised?
2) To whom?
Matthew’s account makes commentary on the questions Luke does not. Is Matthew right? Jesus’ audience needed both spiritual and material help. Jesus doesn’t distinguish between the two.

Jesus is speaking to people who are in two worlds. We have an identity in this world and the one to come. We can never grasp the one to come. We dare not grasp this one. We look to the future for hope and blessing. Only as we let go of this world do we become the last who are, in fact, the first.

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