Tuesday, November 5, 2013

God's Word Takes Form as His People Convey It to One Another

Chapter 9 “God’s Word Takes Form as His People Convey It to One Another” pp. 205-220

God has given a priceless gift in the Word. It is through the Word of God that his people receive new life and find their identity and purpose. Luther therefore recognized the teaching of the Word of God as being of critical importance. If God’s Word is something other than God’s way of communicating himself to us we have neglected God’s gift and cannot remain steadfast.

Luther and Melanchthon viewed God’s Word not as a series of doctrines but as one body of truth. Nothing can be removed or left idle. All must work together or the whole body suffers. It is all organically connected. When we communicate God’s Word, then, sometimes it takes the form of proclamation, while at other times it may take the form of explanation. But the power of God is primarily found in the proclaimed good news of forgiveness.

We rightly respond to God’s Word in prayer, trusting that our Lord can care for all our needs. The life of prayer benefits from both written and improvised prayers. God’s conversation also includes the structures of liturgy which keep us focused on Christ crucified for us. In all our Christian walk, God gives his Gospel and we respond by depending on him. This is the conversation we have with God.

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