Monday, January 6, 2014

Bridges, 2008. Chapter 6, "God's Power over Nature"

Chapter 6, “God’s Power over Nature” pp. 99-111

God is sovereignly in charge of nature. We often seem to think that natural forces merely happen. But although there are physical laws, they operate according to God’s will.

How do we respond to God’s care for the weather? On p. 103 Bridges observes that our complaints are complaints against God. We also deprive ourselves of peace by thinking our opinion is better than God’s plan. Most of the time God uses his natural power as an expression of his blessing for his people. At other times he shows his power in a striking way. Occasionally a severe condition may be a judgment against sin.

What of natural disasters? While we wrestle with the tragic events in our world we are not to make our judgment against God. Rather we often are moved to compassion and loving service to our neighbors. In Isaiah 45:7 we read that God takes responsibility for all disaster.

God’s power in nature is also seen in illness and physical affliction. God shows his glory and providence through all our suffering. All suffering can be traced back to the Fall. But God still rules over all creation. Again, Bridges shows, God’s care includes childbearing and childlessness. We remember that no matter the situation God is also perfectly loving.

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