Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sermon for 1/19/14 "Come and See" John 1

Sermon: “Come and See”
(Due to mental failure I do not have a recording of this week's sermon.)

So two disciples of John walk up to Jesus. They ask him where he’s staying.
Sounds like the beginning of a joke. Small talk. Where are you from? Where do you live? What do you do in life? Do you come here often? Enjoying the band?
Dreadful conversations - the kind of conversations that urge me to avoid social events.

It isn’t quite that kind of conversation, is it?
 followers of John
 have been watching Jesus for some time
 John told them what kind of master Jesus is - the Lamb of God
These are people who have some interest in Jesus. They know about their life. They know about their lack of hope. They know they are lost.

Sometimes we don’t quite know where to begin a conversation.
 these people could look like they are stalking Jesus
 hanging around, why are they here?
 That’s actually the way I am in public places. I’d much rather be part of the scenery or disappear.
 It’s a relief when someone else starts the discussion.

Jesus: “What do you want?”
(nervous silence - got to think a little about how to answer that)
(this is the Lamb of God, not sure I have a good answer)
umm, we wanted to know where you live.”

What does Jesus show them? “Come and see.”
 What’s in an address?
 17 Cherry Tree Lane
 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
 320 Sycamore
 4 Privet Drive
 Just addresses.

Where do you live?  What is your life like?
Come and see

Jesus, who shows himself to be the Lamb of God
Jesus, the one on whom the Spirit remains
Jesus, the one who takes away all our sin, all our shame, all our guilt, all our despair
Come and see
Jesus, the one who has entered into our death through his baptism
Jesus, the one who brings us life through his resurrection
Jesus, the one who was with the Father from the beginning
Jesus, the one in whom all things consist
Come and see

This is why we are called to be saints together, this is why we worship together, this is why we join in singing God’s praise and receiving his gifts. It’s because Jesus is the one who has called us together.

Come and see

Where is Jesus going to live this year?
 in our good times
 in our bad times
 in times of life and health
 in times even of sickness and death
 in our prayers
 in our hopes
 in our fears

Come and see

Jesus, the Lamb of God, is the one who takes our broken lives, our questions that have no answers, our feeble attempts at stalking him, our hopes that he won’t notice us, and transforms them into an opportunity.

Come and see

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