Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sermon for 1/5/14 "Where Will We Find Jesus?" Luke 2

Where’s Elizabeth?  uh-oh
fear for future
Where was Jesus?
 asking questions
 answering questions
 receiving from God’s word
 perfectly safe

Maybe we’re missing something other than Jesus?
 Solomon - needs wisdom to guide the people
 Ephesians - need to find their confidence to live for God in this life
What’s the answer?
 God in His Word, revealed in the place and through the means he has appointed, gives us all we need.

1) in His Word

2) where He promises - OT place of sacrifice - NT in the place where Christ crucified for sinners is proclaimed (Word preached and sacraments administered)

This is why I fight the weather to go to church - aside from the fact that I work here and live across the street.

This is why for many years we considered it worth the half hour drive, more in bad weather, to attend a church where the Word of God was preached rightly.
 life is rough - for what is important we will get ourselves up and try to receive what we need
 maybe sometimes we have to receive through other means
   shut-ins - never be afraid to call on the pastor to bring you the Gospel
   illness - the pastor isn’t afraid of your illness, good to call for help
   weather emergencies - don’t endanger yourself to attend worship, but be ready to push yourself

Where are we going to find Jesus?
 Joseph and Mary doubtless had other things that they planned to do when they arrived home
 Everything else is cancelled when we go to find our Savior
   we need what he has
   we need what he does
   we need what he gives

As we move into the season of Epiphany, starting tomorrow, the season of realization of what Jesus is really like and how he has come to save us, we begin by receiving his gifts - forgiveness, life, and salvation. We’ll be gathering, week by week, in all our opportunities, to experience sitting with Jesus, learning from him, being gathered into him, and trusting that he is still there for us. We find him where he has promised to be.

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