Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sermon for 1/26/14 "God's Gift - Leaders" Luke 10

Today is the day the Church has remembered Titus, a leaders in the first century church, disciple of the apostle Paul. From the earliest days the leaders have been recognized as God’s gift to the Church. Their lives and work show us, especially, that God raises up leaders in every age, people who are not the apostles but who are still his gifts to the people of God.

3) From Acts 20 - urgency
 matter of life and death
 centered on the Word of God - that’s why we attend to the preaching and teaching
 dangers from within and without
 Paul counted the work of ministry more important than his personal comfort - working night and day, working with his hands to support himself - though in other instances the people of God were able to support other apostles and leaders.

What’s the final word on all our ministry?  It is more blessed to give than to receive.

We don’t want to give. We want to receive.

The end of all this is an inward-looking self-focused, man-centered club that loses the Gospel. It falls prey to those from within and without who would attack.

Guard yourselves, leaders!  And I tell our leaders to guard me too. Hold to God’s Word.

2) From Titus 1 - Work where you are - left in Crete to put things in order
  What is out of order? We’re good at getting all sorts of things out of order
 Not all work was completed
   appoint elders in every town
   leaders to care for God’s people
   leaders to guard doctrine
   leaders in showing mercy and care, loving neighbors as selves
What are the elders like?
 very normal people
 godly people
 The only gift/function of an elder that can’t be expected of every person is aptitude for teaching
 Distinction between elders and pastors
    not all elders are pastors - it’s a special call and function
    all pastors are elders - it’s a type of qualification
    The elder who is fully trained is quite able to give wise spiritual care.

3) From Luke 10 - Christian workers of all sorts
 in this case, sent out for a particular purpose
    healing the sick
    proclaiming the kingdom
    later report - when the 72 came back, casting out demons
 keeping busy about the work the Lord has given you
 trusting that the Lord will provide all you need

What is the Lord going to do? How is he going to use me? How is he going to use you? He will put us in exactly the place he needs us. We simply trust him and do what he has placed in front of us to do, looking to the Word of God, believing that the Lord will direct us.

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