Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sermon for 1/12/14 "My Beloved Son" Matthew 3

Baptism - a setting apart
We come for baptism, or are brought for baptism, and it’s at that time that the wonders begin
 Jesus, the glorious Son of God, the one in whom the Father is pleased, taking our sin upon himself
 Jesus, fulfilling all righteousness for us
 Jesus entering into the waters, water that would bring death, rising again
 Water, the water of life, something that we are mostly made of
In baptism Jesus was conformed into our death.
In baptism we are conformed into Jesus’ death.

What is it that begins then? The whole Christian life
 life following a Savior who won’t quit until all is accomplished
 life receiving the care that only Jesus can give, keeping our flame burning
 life bringing the Gospel to all nations - especially those people right here at home.

How will we grow in Christ during this time of epiphany, the time of realization of just what kind of Lord Jesus is?
 1) Attend church faithfully and expectantly, looking for God to work in our lives.
 2) Give generously, financially and in service.
 3) Enter into discussion of God’s Word with other believers.
 4) FAN - friends, associates, neighbors - invite to hear, believe, and live
 5) Take an active role in governing our church through the annual meeting. Pray ahead, ask how the Lord would have us reach our world.
 6) Above all, center our lives on Christ and His Word.

Jesus has come to be baptized. He has associated himself with our sin, with our need for forgiveness. And he has promised forgiveness and life to all who trust in him.

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