Thursday, October 2, 2014

Carson, 2012. Chapter 6, “And Still There Is Evil”

Chapter 6, “And Still There Is Evil” (Loc. 1426)

In this chapter Carson’s “aim is to show how reflecting on a variety of moral issues shines a little more light on the issues of tolerance and intolerance” (Loc. 1426). The new tolerance has some sort of truth vision and must decide in what ways that truth may be violated. There are certain conducts which are acceptable and some which are not.

Carson goes on to discuss the idea of evil. Within the new tolerance there are some things which are considered bad. But it is not acceptable to call something evil. That is a religious term which is apparently out of bounds.

Carson then discusses the fact that making a value judgment against homosexuality leads to a negative label, as does making a judgment against abortion.

He goes on to discuss points made by John Piper at a 2007 Ligonier conference when discussing relativism. The highly relativistic view of the New Tolerance judges all opposing views to be wrong. Without broadly agreed upon categories of right and wrong there is a lack of clarity in moral discussion.

Finally the New Tolerance leads to a fragmentation of society and responds with totalitarian vigor. This, Carson suggests, is not sustainable.

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