Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kreeft, 2002. Chapter 7, “Jesus: One of a Kind”

Chapter 7, “Jesus: One of a Kind” (Loc. 1021)

Socrates continues his experience at Have It Divinity School by attending a Christology lecture. He is interested in knowing who Jesus is. Socrates is pleased that the course is a discussion forum rather than a lecture. He prefers dialog and knowing people to the more predictable interactions with books.

The professor greets each member of the class and all introduce themselves. The professor is interested in “the Christ-event” and does not consider that a term loaded with cultural baggage. Socrates explains that he does not know anything of the terms of Christology. From the term AD Socrates begins asking about the lordship of Christ. The class finally agrees that Jesus taught love. This does not seem revolutionary. Eventually it comes out that the majority view of Christianity is that Jesus is the supreme God. Jesus claimed deity, his followers accepted that claim, and much of the world became convinced. Socrates asks if the members of the class accept the claims. If not, they should not consider Jesus wise or good.

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