Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Walther, 1906. Chapter 10, “The First Visitation by the Pastor”

Chapter 10, “The First Visitation by the Pastor” pp. 54-59

Walther’s expectation is for prompt and meaningful visitation. “If the new preacher has entered his office, then it is his duty to use the first weeks or months, in part, to visit all families and individuals who belong to his parish, in order to get to know them personally” (p. 54). The preacher first visits those who cannot attend worship, then everyone else. This shows pastoral care and concern.

Walther cautions against the pastor allowing members of the congregation to warn him about other members (p. 56). He should also guard against forming a small inner circle. All the members of the parish are of value. The pastor should also speak well of his predecessor (p. 58).

If there is a school, the pastor should be involved, seeking that the teachers should be capable and the students well cared for (p. 58). Notice this book was written with the assumption of private, parish education.

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