Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pieper, 1968, vol. 2. “The Communicated Divine Honor”

“The Communicated Divine Honor” (Loc. 4851)

When considering divine honor Pieper observes that “some Reformed theologians at this point set aside their principle that ‘the finite is not capable of the infinite’ and ascribe to the human nature of Christ divine honor” (Loc. 4851). He thus receives divine honor though not other attributes of deity. Pieper views the honor of the man Jesus to be divine and that to be self-evident as Jesus is presented as Son of God AND Son of Mary, receiving worship as one person. Pieper cites numerous Lutheran theologians as insisting that the man Jesus has divine honor, not as, for instance, a ruler’s garments are honored but as the ruler is honored. It is also inconsistent to allow some communication of attributes but not all.

Pieper explains (Loc. 4957ff) that this is the essence of the genus maiestaticum, that Jesus has divine attributes (majesty) in his human nature, not as an accessory but as an integral part of his being.

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