Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pieper, 1968, vol. 2, “The Communicated Omnipresence in the State of Humiliation and Exaltation”

“The Communicated Omnipresence in the State of Humiliation and Exaltation” (Loc. 4675)

Pieper tells us, “According to Col. 2:9, divine omnipresence was imparted to the human nature in the very moment when the fullness of the Godhead began to dwell bodily in Christ” (Loc. 4675). Jesus has all the abilities of divinity even dwelling in humanity. Pieper discusses the rejections of Jesus possessing omnipresence. First, it can blend the ideas of humiliation and exaltation. Yet the Scripture pictures Jesus as incarnate both in humiliation and glorification. Second, it could mean Jesus was not really human. Yet the man Jesus did not always use his divine authority. He was able to choose what to do or not do.

Beginning at Loc. 4749 Pieper makes an argument that Calvin would assert Christ remaining present in heaven while being on earth. This suggests the presence of both natures in heaven and on earth. Luther’s affirmation was that Christ was consistently present according to both natures. According to Luther (Loc. 4819 et passim) John 3:13 refers to Christ being divine and human in heaven and on earth. As to Jesus having both natures available, “if He can be united with God into one person without His becoming a phantasm, there is no danger of His becoming one by His being on earth and in heaven at the same time” (Loc. 4841).

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