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Kilcrease, 2013. Chapter 7, “The Mystery of the Person of Christ, Part 3”

Chapter 7, “The Mystery of the Person of Christ, Part 3”

In this chapter Kilcrease discusses the name of Jesus, the virgin birth, and the gender of Christ. First, the name Jesus is given by God to Mary and Joseph. The term “Christ” is the Greek term parallel to the Hebrew “Messiah.” Jesus showed himself to be the deliverer who was anointed as prophet, priest, and king, commensurate with his name and title.

As to the virgin birth, there has been considerable agreement among historic Lutherans with the creedal statement of Jesus’ virgin birth. Kilcrease argues that the term used in Isaiah 7:14 is distinctively used there and elsewhere for a virgin, not merely a young female. This would have been a problematic doctrine to defend in early Christianity. The fact that two Gospels state it very clearly and other texts make no object suggests it was, in fact, the belief of the Church.

Kilcrease spends considerable time talking about the perpetual virginity of Mary, which he finds unlikely. He also discusses the Roman view which had grace infused into Mary, exalting her role. This he also finds not based on Scriptural exegesis.

Finally, Kilcrease discusses Jesus and gender roles. He emphasizes that there is a distinctive masculinity of Jesus and also of his pastors, again, consistent with historic faith.

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