Friday, March 7, 2014

Sermon for 3/7/2014 World Day of Prayer - John 4

Jesus in a dry place
 People who have departed from promises of God
 People in bondage
 No hope
 No inheritance
 Dry and weary land, hard to get water
What happens when the woman meets Jesus?
 First would ignore him
   Jewish man would have nothing to do with any Samaritan
   Much less a woman who was at the fringes of society at best

Jesus approaches her with something very simple.
She would like to hide but he is the only one with forgiveness and life.

What has made our world dry?
 Pride, prejudice
Whatever the story we all arrive together at the well
 Deep, no rope, no bucket

Who has an answer? Only Jesus.
 All the other religions in this world finally look to us as our own savior. Only Christianity has that focus in what God has done for us.
 Came in the person of Jesus, God the Son, to bear our sins
 Entirely man, entirely God
 Perfect sacrifice

Loved us while we were still sinners
Died in our place
Promises an inheritance to all who trust him.

Springs of living water
Nourishment in Word and Sacrifice
Everlasting hope in sure and certain promises

All this only in Jesus, the only hope for the world.

Jesus calls all people to trust only in him
Jesus calls you and me to trust him as the only savior of the world.
Join as we pray for the redemption of those who are far away, without hope, alienated from the true and living God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Lord, have mercy

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