Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sermon for 3/12/14 "What Does God Say?"

Sermon: What Does God Say?

Matthew 4

We are surrounded by many trials.
 mistreatment at the hands of others (1 Cor.)
 fear - from within and from without
 even the danger we consider when we try to follow God’s command
   surrendering our sovereignty
Bottom line question - is God good to his word?
What did he tell Abraham?
 go to the place I will show you
 I will make you a mighty nation
 I will bless you
 I will make you a blessing to all nations
Does God keep his word?
 not always in ways we can see
 sometimes through others
 sometimes through his supernatural means

We can always be secure as we are trusting in Jesus, the one through whom God has blessed the entire world.

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