Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sermon for 3/9/14 Led by the Spirit

We live in a world full of trials and temptations.
 still want to be led by the Spirit
 how?  what spirit? where?

In Adam the garden becomes a wilderness.
 fall prey to temptation
 start seeing Law as that which kills

What of Jesus? He surely is led by the Spirit!
 into the wilderness
 Mark says with wild animals
 surrounded by the law of death
 understands our weakness

We who have been led by the Spirit know our frailty.

What will we do? What did Jesus do?
 tempted to take matters into his own hands
 refused - life is receiving from God, not forcefully trying to recreate something.

Does this this mean that we do not stay active?
 No, it means we invite others to believe, to receive, to know the grace of God in Jesus.

In this way the leading of the Spirit is complete. He takes us out of the place we are by nature - sinfol and unclean in Adam. He brings us into the place of the Gospel, as those who have been rescued by Jesus' perfect life, death, and resurrection. We live, and call the world to live, in that perfect grace.

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