Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sermon for 3/26/14 Be Filled with the Spirit

Sermon: Be Filled with theSpirit

The Lord is one
 no division
 no mixed opinion
 no confusion
 entirely on-message all the time
 doing his work - cleansing, redeeming, healing
On the other hand, we aren’t much like the Lord.
 straining out camels, swallowing gnats
 trying to good and often doing evil
 even look at our Lord’s good pleasure and call it evil
 We try to trust in our position, trust in our armor, trust in our riches
    it all falls apart
Sometimes when what we are trusting in falls apart it is the Lord at work
 breaking down our defenses
 establishing his authority
 showing us we need to depend on him rather than ourselves
What happens when we decide to be in charge of what the Lord can and can’t do?
 hinder the work of the Holy Spirit
 he cleanses us and we pull away from him
 evil spirits bring seven (number of completion) more evil and we are in deep trouble
What will we do instead?
 Be filled with the Spirit
 Recognize and worship the one true Lord
 rejoice in the work he does
 willingly pursue the goals we find in the Scripture and that our trusted leaders are laying out
 above all trust that Jesus is able to accomplish his work through us
He can make us one, unconfused, undivided, powerful, on-message, and dedicated to bringing healing and grace to our world

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