Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sermon for 3/2/14 Rise, Have No Fear

Want to have an up close, personal encounter with God?
Welcome to Mount Sinai
 fear, trembling
 terrors - who can approach the living God?
 All who touch the mountain are destroyed . . . except
Enter the presence of God through His command
 70 elders and Moses
 right time, right place, right attitude
 How do we in the New Testament approach God?
   Only through Jesus, the one who can stand in holiness
   By grace
   Through faith
   Not by our works
What must we do?
 Nothing. Believe Jesus has done it.
What then?
 No condemnation.
 Jesus gives you life freely or you have no part in him. Who was transfigured?
What then?
 Live as Jesus' joint heir
   Serve him
   Give life for his kingdom
   Trust that he has done all needed for salvation
   Bear that good news to our world.
Does that earn my reward?
No, never. It brings the good news of Jesus, standing in the glory of the Father to your world.
There's only one mediator between God and man, Jesus.
 Forgiveness, life, salvation
 True body and true blood given and shed for you
 All the hope you ever need. The one who stands with the Father calls you to come
 Not of us but by God's call

Jesus stands, transfigured, for you.

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