Friday, February 18, 2011

Psalm 105.1, 23, 37-43, Job 13.13-28, John 6.22-40 - Lectionary for 2/18/11 - Martin Luther, Doctor and Confessor

Today is the commemoration of Martin Luther, Doctor and Confessor.
Today's readings are Psalm 105.1, 23, 37-43, Job 13.13-28, and John 6.22-40.

The Psalmist gives thanks because God has remembered his people. This remembrance God makes of his people is not a mere realization that they exist. It is not simply recall of what has happened in the past. God's remembering his people indicates that he is aware of our struggles and that he is doing something to help and save us. Job longs for a chance to meet God face to face. And in John we see that we have indeed met God face to face in the person of God the Son, Jesus Christ. We know that in Christ God has remembered his people and come to rescue them.

Throughout history God has remembered his people and raised up leaders in the Christian faith to call people to repentance, drawing them to see the forgiveness he has created for us. May we remember also, and delight in the fact that our Lord has not forgotten us.

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