Friday, February 25, 2011

Psalm 112, Job 20.1-23, 29, John 8.21-38 - Lectionary for 2/25/11

Today's readings are Psalm 112, Job 20.1-23, 29, and John 8.21-38.

From beginning to end of today's readings we see that trust in the Lord is what sets us free. Our world will tell us differently. Isn't it demeaning to subject yourself to religious demands, to the authority of a Church, to think there is some sort of a God over all who will enslave you? Doesn't this lead to all sorts of fanaticism and unthinking submission to oppressive rulers? On the contrary, trust in the Lord, according to Scripture, sets us free from the bondage to sin and death. We are always going to be subject to some rule. The question is what rule we are willing to receive. There is the rule that I can hold, which leads me ultimately to my own destruction. Or I can trust in God's merciful rule, which leads me to an abundance of life.

What if I'm wrong? What then? I guess then I reach the end of my life and can see that I have brought some encouragement and comfort to some people around me. Not a bad situation at all. And if I'm right, I gain an incredible reward as an heir in God's kingdom.

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