Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Psalm 28, Zechariah 11.4-17, 2 Timothy 4.1-18 - Lectionary for 2/1/11

Today's readings are Psalm 28, Zechariah 11.4-17, and 2 Timothy 4.1-18.

Our reading in Zechariah talks about a very sad situation in the life of national Israel. The kingdom is being broken. The people who are charged with caring for God's people have departed from their responsibilities. They do not heed the warnings of their God or of his servant the prophet. The people will run to their own destruction, for the Lord will not keep warning them forever.

Paul points out to Timothy that not much changed between the time of Zechariah and his own time. People still reject sound teaching and exhortation. They are still stubborn. They still refuse to listen. It seems that sin has condemned us to engage in more sin, destruction condemns us to pursue more destruction. 

No matter what our society looks like, Paul says, we can look to our Lord who will rescue us and confirm us in his righteousness, giving us his healing and grace. What if we are tired of telling the truth in love? We go ahead and do it anyway. It's the message our world needs to hear. We are persuaded it is right to tell of our Lord's great love for his people. So we do it despite what others may do to us.

Things haven't changed much, have they?

Dave Spotts
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