Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Psalm 75, Zechariah 12.1-13.9, Titus 1.1-2.6 - Lectionary for 2/2/11 - The Purification of Mary and the Presentation of Our Lord

Today is the commemoration of the purification of Mary and the presentation of the Lord. Today's readings are Psalm 75, Zechariah 12.1-13.9, and Titus 1.1-2.6.

Zechariah and Titus stand in stark contrast. God's shepherds have proven to be evil shepherds who harm the sheep. God will strike the shepherds who have led Israel astray. He will establish his own reign, bringing justice. And that reign which God establishes is the reign of his Son, Jesus, administered through those he has appointed, the elders (presbyters - - bishops, terms used synonymously in the New Testament) of his Church. 

We look at the qualifications of elders laid out in Titus chapter 1. See that these qualities are what we would hope for in a mature Christian. Except for the requirement to teach and the statement that the elder seems always to be a married man, we would see these qualities in just about everyone who takes God's word seriously.

Let us look to our Lord, respecting those whom our Lord has given us to shepherd us wisely, bringing his realm to our world.

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