Saturday, February 26, 2011

Psalm 146.5-10, Job 30.16-31, John 9.1-23 - Lectionary for 2/27/11

Today's readings are Psalm 146.5-10, Job 30.16-31, and John 9.1-23.

So why is there evil in the world? Who sinned, that the man in John 9 was born blind? It was not his sin, nor the sin of his mother and father. It wasn't the midwife who attended his birth. It wasn't the medical profession, the pharmeceutical company, or the fault of his mother's diet. Why was he born blind? He was born blind because the world is cursed with sin. God wants us to see sin, to know how bad it is, to be overwhelmed with suffering that we endure and witness. In this way he can show his glory through redemption, healing and life. 

A Christian view of life consists of polarities. We see the glory of God as it is lifted up in stark opposition to the fallen condition of this world. We see the enormity of sin so we can see the weight of glory in Christ.

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