Saturday, February 5, 2011

Psalm 77.1-3, 7-12, 15, Job 3.11-26, John 1.35-51 - Lectionary for 2/6/11

Today's readings are Psalm 77.1-3, 7-12, 15, Job 3.11-26, and John 1.35-51.

I preached a sermon about this Gospel lesson several weeks ago. Rather than rehash that, though, here's my observation today. The first disciples become convinced, at least for long enough to start following him, that Jesus is the Messiah. And as they follow him they become convinced that he is indeed the Messiah.

From our Psalm and our Old Testament reading today we are led to ask about our circumstances. They can look pretty grim at times. Is this all we have? The Scripture says that we have more than is apparent to us. Our circumstances shouldn't rule our lives. The reality of God's gracious presence, particularly as seen in the person and work of Jesus should rule us. That is reality. It is in Jesus that we see grace and truth incarnate. Let us look not to our circumstances but to our Savior.

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