Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Psalm 111, Daniel 2:24-49, Revelation 19:1-21 - Lectionary for 11/22/11

Today's readings are Psalm 111, Daniel 2:24-49, and Revelation 19:1-21. Durable goods - we often think of those as things which will last us a long time, even "forever." The house I live in, for instance, is older than I am and I fully expect it will last longer than I will. We generally consider the organization of the country we live in to be permanent, at least for all practical purposes. But governments rise and fall. Buildings wear out and tumble down. Long-lasting institution have a life cycle including birth and death. They all pass away. In Daniel we see a prophecy of nations rising and falling. In Revelation we see that the kingdoms of this world will come to an end. Yet we see that God, who existed before anything was created, will endure forever and will conquer all the nations which have risen up. Do we look for our Lord's coming? Are we eager for him to bring his reign to this world, or to bring this world to an end and institute the new heavens and the new earth? Do we look to the resurrection of the dead as our hope and help, our eternal healing? May we have grace to see that his kingdom endures forever and that he will put all the unrighteousness and death that surrounds us to an end.

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