Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Psalm 39:4-12, Daniel 3:1-30, Revelation 20:1-15 - Lectionary for 11/23/11 - Commemoration of Clement of Rome, Pastor

Today is the commemoration of Clement of Rome, Pastor. Today's readings are Psalm 39:4-12, Daniel 3:1-30, and Revelation 20:1-15. In our readings today we see kings entering into judgment. We see Nebuchadnezzar sentencing the Hebrews to death because of their failure to participate in worship as he commanded. We see God sentencing all unbelievers to eternal torment because of their failure to look to him in faith. The irony in all this is that the Hebrews who were condemned by Nebuchadnezzar are exactly the kind of people who are rewarded by God in eternity. We often wonder how we will do if we are pushed in our faith. We think we will hold fast to Christ but we may not know that until we are under stress. Today's readings act as an encouragement. What is the worst that can happen if we are persecuted for our faith? We may die. Yet if we die in faith we will live in God's blessing forever. So having someone kill us is not at all the worst that can happen. What if we deny God's word, his grace and mercy? We are faced with very hard consequences. Let us take courage then. The body they may kill, God's word abideth still.

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