Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Psalm 54, Jeremiah 31:1-17, 23-34, Matthew 27:1-10 - Lectionary for 11/16/11

Today's readings are Psalm 54, Jeremiah 31:1-17, 23-24, and Matthew 27:1-10.

Today's readings speak to me very powerfully. I have recently been involved in several situations where I have tried to encourage people who are fighting with anxiety, even bordering on despair. When will the Lord deliver his people? Will we always toil with our sin? Who will deliver us? Are we, like Judas, condemned by our leaders and our own conscience, having to work out our own salvation?

Thanks be to God for the gospel as proclaimed by Jeremiah. We do not have to mediate salvation by ourselves. He gives us hope. He rescues people - fully, freely, and finally, according to his good pleasure. Let us look to him in hope, for he alone has accomplished all the redemption we could ever need through Jesus, God the Son, who has given himself for us. Thanks be to God!

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