Monday, November 21, 2011

Psalm 114, Daniel 2:1-23, Revelation 18:1-24 - Lectionary for 11/21/11

Today's readings are Psalm 114, Daniel 2:1-23, and Revelation 18:1-24. There are times when we wonder if God's grace is really and truly active in our life. We find ourselves in ill health. We may lack prosperity. We find our friends and even our families are not as loyal to us as we had hoped. We miss that promotion at work. Our lives even may seem to fall apart. We spiral into homelessness or into a chronic medical condition. What's happening here? Isn't God on the throne any more? Has he turned against us? In today's readings though we see how dreadful God's hand of judgment against sin is. We are told of the destruction to come on this world of sin. Frankly it's a picture we all would like to avoid. The fact is we have consistently not received the penalty due us for our faithlessness. We have consistently received God's blessing, no matter how grim our circumstances may seem at times. In Adam all have sinned and deserved eternal torment of the worst kind. Yet in Christ all the riches of God have been poured out. He has been reversing the curse on this world, giving us forgiveness, life and salvation by his grace. Some of God's providences are difficult. Yet they are God's providence. Thanks be to God that we have not received what we deserve.

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