Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Psalm 51.10-19, Jeremiah 30:1-24, Matthew 26:57-75 - Lectionary for 11/15/11

Today's readings are Psalm 51:10-19, Jeremiah 30:1-24, and Matthew 26:57-75.

In his wrath against sin how does God treat his chosen people? He rebukes sin and places it under his curse. Yet see in Jeremiah that he promises not to forsake the people of his promise. He will not forget them despite the opposition they face. How does this play out in our Gospel reading? The pain and suffering fall to Jesus while Peter warms himself by a fire. Jesus does not deny himself though Peter denies Christ three times. In all this our Lord never denies his people. Rather, he takes our denials upon himself, suffering and dying in our place.

Have mercy on us, Lord. Restore to us the joy of your salvation. Amen.

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