Thursday, November 17, 2011

Psalm 148:1-6, Jeremiah 33:1-22, Matthew 27:11-32 - Lectionary for 11/17/11

Today's readings are Psalm 148:1-6, Jeremiah 33:1-22, and Matthew 27:11-32.

Our God is the God of promises. This sets the Bible apart from pagan literature. In the other religions the deities make few promises. Their promises seem to be extracted from them by effective wheedling. And they tend to speak only to momentary situations. Not so with God in the Bible. He is the one who comes to his people in their suffering. He makes his promises based on his own character and his desire to bless his people. And his promises are lasting. See how today through Jeremiah he renews his promises of blessing and descendants which he had made to Abraham some 1000 years earlier. This promise of an everlasting king is then fulfilled in Jesus, the Son of David, who takes on his eternal kingdom and has many children, all adopted by faith in his promises.

We look to a heavenly kingdom ruled by the great king of all promise.

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