Saturday, November 19, 2011

Psalm 20, Jeremiah 38:1-28, Matthew 27:57-66 - Lectionary for 11/19/11 - Commemoration of Elizabeth of Hungary

Today is the commemoration of Elizabeth of Hungary.

Today's readings are Psalm 20, Jeremiah 38:1-28, and Matthew 27:57-66.

We see today both Jeremiah and Jesus being entombed - Jeremiah in a mostly-dry cistern, Jesus in the tomb. Both are put there due to man's hatred for God's truth. Both are subject to the will o4f men. Both are raised from their tombs by the mercy of God and go on to show Gods' glory.

How do we respond to the fact that Jesus, who knew no sin, became sin for us and suffered even to death, giving his life so that we could receive life by God's mercy? How do we respond to the fact that like Jeremiah we are entrapped and have no escape from the mire of sin without God providing for our rescue? May we be filled with gratitude and go our way, giving praise to God and showing mercy as well, knowing that we live only by the mercy and grace of our Lord.

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