Saturday, April 2, 2011

Psalm 11, Genesis 41.1-27, Mark 11.1-19 - Lectionary for 4/2/11

Today's readings are Psalm 11, Genesis 41.1-27, and Mark 11.1-19.

In our readings today we see God coming in judgment. The Psalmist reflects on the refuge the Lord provides for those who believe in him even while the Lord pours out judgment upon the evildoers. In Genesis we see God warning Pharaoh of the coming judgment. He will have seven years of plenty then seven years of famine. God again provides refuge for those who believe. Joseph is there to help make preparations for the coming troubles. Finally in Mark we see Jesus entering Jerusalem. He comes in peace but he brings judgment on sin. The symbolic cursing of the fig tree is often seen as a curing of unfaithful and unfruitful Israel, which is often depicted as a fig tree. Jesus, the true temple of God, drives out the profiteers from the temple building in Jerusalem. He is coming in judgment, judgment on sin and evil, in order to deliver his people.

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