Thursday, April 14, 2011

Psalm 69.33-36, Exodus 4.19-31, Mark 15.16-32 - Lectionary for 4/14/11

Today's readings are Psalm 69.33-36, Exodus 4.19-31, and Mark 15.16-32.

God hears and saves his people. In our readings today we see that God does that in ways which go against our intuition. He delivers his people from captivity in Egypt by sending one of his messengers, Moses, to remove them. Moses himself didn't seem to be prepared today. We see God sending him and also opposing him. And God sends Moses to accomplish a task which everybody, including Moses, knows he cannot do himself. Jesus, to deliver his people from death, is led out to be put to death. He who we claim to be the exalted Lord is treated as a dangerous criminal. He is mocked and scorned. Again, this is counter-intuitive. But it is the way God has ordained salvation to work. Let us look to the Lord in confidence that he can, in fact, bring to completion all that he has ordained.

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