Friday, April 8, 2011

Psalm 77.11-15, Genesis 47.1-31, Mark 13.24-37 - Lectionary for 4/8/11

Today's readings are Psalm 77.11-15, Genesis 47.1-31, and Mark 13.24-37.

We open today's reading with an affirmation from the Psalmist - God is good, his works have been wonderful.  We continue by seeing how God preserves the people of Egypt and other nations through famine, though it results in the people being enslaved to Pharaoh. This is an event that many of us would consider as catastrophic. Yet it is evidence of God's provision. We look to our gospel reading today and see that Jesus is talking about his coming in the end of the world. What is the sign? The fig tree sends out its shoots to show summer is coming. So we know the coming of our Lord. We watch and when it is time we will know.

The image of the tree sprouting and growing strikes me. All around us in nature, even in places that are facing catastrophes, we see plants going through their natural cycles. When the time is right, the plant gets busy. Likewise, as our Lord is moving in this world, let us be ready to move in accord with his bidding. May we be sensitive to his word, his calling. There is no disaster which comes upon us that our Lord does not know about. His hand of provision is there in and through it all. We need only look to him.

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