Friday, April 22, 2011

Psalm 135.1-4, 8-9, Exodus 12.29-32, 13.1-16, Hebrews 6.1-20 - Lectionary for 4/22/11 - Good Friday

Today's readings are Psalm 135.1-4, 8-9, Exodus 12.29-32, 13.1-16, and Hebrews 6.1-20. Today is Good Friday.

In our reading from Exodus today we see God pouring out his wrath on Egypt by killing the firstborn of every household which is not protected by the Passover lamb. We also see that God's desire is to redeem his people by replacing the firstborn children with another sacrifice. On this Good Friday we remember that Jesus, the firstborn of God, received God's wrath against our sin. In Hebrews we see that God's love is solid and trustworthy. We can turn to God in hope and faith, knowing that he cares for his people enough to give of himself so they should not perish.

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