Monday, April 18, 2011

Psalm 71.19-24, Exodus 8.1-32, Hebrews 1.1-14 - Lectionary for 4/17/11 - Palm Sunday

Today's readings are Psalm 71.19-24, Exodus 8.1-32, and Hebrews 1.1-14. Today, Palm Sunday, we remember Jesus' entry into Jerusalem in triumphal procession, flocked by followers who laid palm branches and cloaks in the road as a royal carpet.

Our Lord comes to us, humble and lowly. We see him entering Jerusalem in peace. Yet in his peaceful entry and his quiet work on our behalf we find that he is accomplishing great and mighty works, conquering kingdoms, overthrowing the whole world. How is he doing this? He shows himself to be the mighty God, greater than all the kings of the earth. He alone is worshiped by the angels. He alone has made purification for sins. He alone is able to take up the name which is above all other names. The power of this world is humbled and set to nought by the majesty of the risen Lord. Let us look to him alone, and as we look to him, to see that above all he is the one who cleanses from sin so as to rescue fallen humanity from the curse. By grace you are saved, through faith. Look to the Lord.

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