Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Psalm 134, Exodus 16.13-35, Hebrews 10.19-39 - Lectionary for 4/27/11

Today's readings are Psalm 134, Exodus 16.13-35, and Hebrews 10.19-39.

Today's readings are all about God's provision for us, his people. He provides food for his people in the wilderness - good and delightful food, as much as they need, every day. He gives them a day of rest, when the food they gathered the prior day will last. In Christ he provides forgiveness of sins which will last forever, an everlasting day of rest from the struggle against sin. Notice the baptismal language in Hebrews with a sprinkling and a cleansing which remind us of the Old Testament people being sprinkled with the blood of a sacrifice, proclaiming them clean. We too are proclaimed clean by Christ's mercy, washed both inside and out.

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