Saturday, April 9, 2011

Psalm 44.1-4, Genesis 49.29-50.7, 14-26, Mark 14.1-11 - Lectionary for 4/9/11

Today's readings are Psalm 44.1-4, Genesis 49.29-50.7, 14-26, and Mark 14.1-11.

Our Lord is the victor in every contest. Yet his victory doesn't look like the kind of victory we would devise. See in our reading from Mark how Jesus' victory over death involves death itself. He dies to conquer death. This seems quite backward to us, as we would expect him to show himself powerful in the same ways we would - immortality, smiting the enemies, etc.

We also observe from today's readings that there is a particular dignity in death. both Joseph and Jesus receive anointings and special ceremonies. The dead are treated with respect and honor. It is not the honor that we might give to an ancestor we worship. Rather, it is an honor in treatment of the body which has been separated from the soul of the believer, the body which will someday become a partaker in the bodily resurrection. Is it costly to treat the dead appropriately? Yes, but it is worth it. This is an honor which we rightly give.

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